Easy: Celtic knot nail art

(Copied and translated/rewritten from my Dutch blog “Fairytale Beauty and Life”)

The third week of January, I’m doing Celtic knot nails. However, I’m a volunteer at a petting zoo, and have been shoving snow for two days, so my hands didn’t really want to cooperate. Therefore, this’ll be an easy one.

Step 1: Apply two layers of a nice nail polish. I used a multichrome called Royal Blue, by Rimmel (the Metal Rush collection).

Step 2: On your thumbs, paint a Celtic knot. I made a triquetra, because they’re easy. Do this in a color which contrasts with the base color, I used Go Bold by Essence.

Step 3: Make another simple design for your ring fingers. I used Go Bold and a dotting tool to make a pattern of dots, and then put a rhinestone in the middle. Because the multichrome is purple in the right light, I used purple rhinestones. Finish with a layer of top coat on each nail.

Easy, right? The Celtic knot didn’t turn out very good. Or even decent. But the design on the ring fingers and the overall color of the base polish makes it a nice manicure anyway.

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