Easy: Rune nail art

(Copied and translated/rewritten from my Dutch blog “Fairytale Beauty and Life”)

In January, I’ll base all my nail art off foreign texts and symbols. There’ll be runes, Japanese text, Celtic knots and Hieroglyphs. The First week  I’ll be doing Runes.

For this manicure, you’ll need a pale nail polish that resembles the color of a stone, a nice darker color for the runes, and nail art brushes. If you don’t have brushes, you can also use a sharpened pencil or something else with a sharp point, but it’ll be more difficult to get it neat.

Step 1: Start with two coats of the stone-like nail polish. I used Love’s Recipe by Essence, because of its off white color and shiny flakes.

Step 2: Use an on-line translator to translate the word you want into runes. I used the word ‘fairytale’, which has nine letters. I started on my left hand, excluding my left nail. Just paint one character on each nail, with a natural looking dark-ish brown. Mine is Park Ave by New York Colors.

Step 3: On any extra nails you have left, paint something which suits the theme. I painted a Celtic sword on my thumb. Add any rhinestones on the extra design if you want, and then put top coat on each nail.

That’s it. Easy and simple, yet it looks really nice when the right colors are used.
Good luck!

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