Hard: Japanese characters nail art

(Copied and translated/rewritten from my Dutch blog “Fairytale Beauty and Life”)

This week, I used an online translator to translate ‘fairytale’ into Japanese characters. It was online, so I don’t know for sure if it’s the proper translation, but anyway 😉 This one’s more complicated than the runes, because the characters are way more work to get on your nails nicely. However, if I can do it, so can you!

Step 1: Apply two or three layers of a sheer white nail polish. I used a French manicure polish by Miss Sporty. That one really is very sheer, so I used three layers.

Step 2: Using a well-covering black nail polish, paint the characters on your nails. One per nail. In my case, the word turned out to be written in four characters, so I excluded my thumbs. My polish is a black one by La Femme Beauty.

Step 3: On the leftover nails, paint something that suits the theme. Because I used the word ‘fairytale’, I painted magical wands on my thumbs.

Step 4: Wait until your nails are dry, then paint some lines on them with a clear polish and sprinkle some glitter on them. Do this per nail, otherwise the polish will dry before you get to the last nail. If you don’t have loose glitter, you can use a glitter polish. The effect will be less subtle however. End with a layer of topcoat.

And you’re done! This one prove to be quite a challenge, especially on the pinkies. But it turned out well, and I actually got some compliment on them in real life.
If you’re also gonna try this, good luck!

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