Hard: Hieroglyphs nail art (video)

This week, I made some hieroglyph nails. And, for the first time ever, I tried to film it. It worked out better than expected (both the film and the manicure), although not all parts are completely sharp. Also, it ends quite abrubtly because my camera ran out of memory. So applying the topcoat isn’t on the video. Underneath the video, there’s a written tutorial and some pictures.

These are the polishes I used for this manicure:

Step 1: Apply a layer of a dark brown. I use Park Ave by New York Color.

Step 2: Apply a layer of a paler brown with golden shimmers. I use Essence’s Cookie Love, which has small golden flecks.

Step3: Using a bright yellow nail polish, draw the hieroglyphs. One per nail, and think beforehand which nails you want to leave out. I have eight hieroglyphs, and on my thumbs I painted pyramids and the sphinx instead . For this step, I used Lexington Yellow by New York Colors.

Step 4: Trace the already drawn hieroglyphs and other paintings with a light golden polish. I used Go Bold, by Essence. The yellow color underneath it will make it stand out more.

Step 5: Using a dotting tool, make some dots with a dark golden color. I used Backstage Brown, by New York color. Then apply topcoat.

Thanks for watching!

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