Easy: Simple flower nail art

This one was done on my mother’s hands. She doesn’t wear nail polish that often (almost never, actually), and her nails are quite short and frail. Therefore, she wanted a simple, not very prominent manicure. So I did this simple flower design on her nails. Of course it’s always possible to use more striking colors on your own nails, if you want to try this too.

Step 1: Paint all the nails in a nude color, preferably one with shimmers. I used Oyster Pink, by Rimmel Lycra. That’s a very classic looking one, so it fits my mom well.

Step 2: Using a brush, make a circle of pointy dots on the accent nail. These are the flower’s petals. I used the white polish from a French manicure set by Max.

Step 3: On all nails, use a dotting tool to make 3 white dots on the base of each nail. Also make a dot in the center of the flower (for the flower’s heart, in silver. For the flower’s heart I used Icy Princess, by Essence. Apply a top coat, and you’re done!

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