Easy: Gradient with heart glitter

This is actually somewhere between easy and hard, but since there’s no real painting of figures involved I’ll count it as easy. It might also be fun to do this manicure on Valentine’s day, if you celebrate that. I don’t, so I’m doing this nail art now 😉

Step 1: Apply two layers of a bright pink.
Step 2: Using a sponge or something like it, dab some white on each nail tip. It’s supposed to look sugary, so it helps if the second of pink isn’t completely dry yet

Step 3: Apply hearts. I used 3 heart glitters on one accent nail, and a single heart from a fimo stick on the other.
Step 4: Apply two stripes and some dots on each nail, in purple. Finish with top coat.

It kinda looks like candy, I think. Anyway, I like it and I hope you do too ^-^

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