Easy: Pink flower nail art

I don’t really classify this as a hard one, because there’s only one accent nail per hand, while the rest of the nails are painted in the regular way. It will be hard, though, if you don’t have flower shaped glitter or a flower shaped fimo cane. In that case you’ll have to draw the flower by hand. I want to use my fimo cane for this one, though.

Step 1: Paint four of your nails red or pink. I recently came across a nail polish sale on an online shop, and bought Celebration Red by Diamond cosmetics. It’s beautiful, red with a hot pink shine. I used three layers. On the thumb I put some striping tape as an extra detail, you could also just paint some lines. Your accent nail will be two layers of sheer white over one layer of red.

Step 2: Use some topcoat to glue the flower on, or draw one. Then, using a thin brush and a green polish, draw two thin leaves and some dots in between.

Yes, I’m still impatiently waiting for spring…

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