Review: Indigo nail polish ‘133’

I’d never seen this brand before, but today I found it in a budget store that had only just opened (today, actually). They only had three colors, two of which look like ones I already own, but there’s also this pearly one. Only 99ct, so why not?

It looks nice and shiny in the bottle, and the bottle itself is pretty large (12ml). It looks simple, as does the brush, but due to the length it’s easy to hold and use. One thing though, it smells rather strongly. More than most of my polishes.

It’s hard to get it nice and even, due to the pearly finish and thickness of this polish. Still, I like the color and covering. In the above picture I’m wearing two layers and no topcoat. As you can see, the finish is nice and shimmery, but not very even and shiny. Below, I’ve put a layer of topcoat over it, and that does make it nice and shiny. If you were wondering why my ring finger nail looks thicker, it has a crack due to some non-nail friendly work at the petting zoo, so I used the tea-bag method to try and seal it.

In short, it’s not the best polish I’ve ever had, not by far, but for this price it’s a lot better than I had expected. With a topcoat over it, it’s actually really pretty!

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2 Responses to Review: Indigo nail polish ‘133’

  1. Must Have Boxes says:

    Very subtle, pretty color.

    – KW

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