Hard: Purple leopard nail art

As you could read in my last post, one of my nails had a crack. So I took the opportunity to try out a different shape. Which has nothing to with this manicure, but I thought I’d just tell you all why I cut my nails. I’m planning to let them grow as long as possible/manageable in this shape.

On to the nail art, I recently got my flocking powder *Yay!* And since I’m going out shopping tomorrow I’ll have a nice chance to show them off. I think it looks like fur, fur makes me think of animals, so therefore I wanted to do a animal print. This has been done a thousand times before, but I’m gonna do it again; a leopard print!

Because I found it a bit too much to do a print on each nail, I painted four nails purple, and one blue accent nail. The purple polish is an unnamed color by Miss Sporty, the blue one is Candy Blue by Max Factor.

Then I added the leopard print on the accent nail, in purple. The fully purple nails got a layer of Max Factor’s Fantasy Fire, just to give them something extra. Also because I love the combination of purple and Fantasy Fire 😉

Up there: with only top coat. Down here: with flocking powder added. Far from perfect, I know. But I think it went pretty well for a first try 🙂

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