Easy: Red and sparkle

I got this bottle of brown-ish red for a really cheap prize at a budget store, probably because it looks rather autumn-like. Spring is coming in another month, so it’s probably not the most popular color to buy at the moment. However, I love Rimmel so I couldn’t let it pass, and I bought it.

Of course I’m not going to wait until next fall to use it (though I do have a five-year old bottle of Rimmel polish which is still beautiful), so I tried to make a look that could go for any season. Besides, I also really wanted to use the holo rectangle glitter I recently bought at Claire’s 😉

The polish on its own is very deep and shimmery, and very opaque. It covers in one layer, but I used two for extra strength. To be honest, it’s not a color I would’ve chosen if it hadn’t been so cheap, but I actually really like it. Both the color and quality are very nice. It’s called ‘Torrid’.

To try and make it a bit more wearable for every season, I added a simple design. Just a silver stripe and some dots, made with a liner brush and Essence’s Icy Princess. And then the holo glitter polish by Claire’s on the part of the nail underneath the line.

It’s simple, but looks pretty detailed which I like. Overall, I think this is one of my personal favorites 🙂

On another note, I finally ordered the Rimmel top and base coat (got delivered in only one day), and this is my first time using them. Let’s hope it’ll last long!

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