Old nails: Beach nails

Another old one, this time a bit more difficult than the first one. I think this one was also made somewhere during the summer, as the theme seems kinda beach-like. Yeah, I don’t really remember more about what inspired this nail art. I probably just wanted to do a gradient 🙂

Luckily, I’m one of those… ahem, ‘typical’ people who know all of their polishes by name and looks. As far as I can tell from the picture, I used Sparkling waterlilly by Essence as a base, then used a small sponge and Essence’s Let’s get lost to get some blue on the tips. On the accent nail is a little star(fish) rhinestone. And on the other nails (though I think now I shouldn’t have added those) are small dots of NYC’s Fashion ave.

Mostly due to the dots, this one isn’t really a favorite of mine. I can remember that, at the time, I thought the other nails looked too empty compared to the one with the rhinestone. But looking back at it, I think this manicure would’ve been prettier if I’d left them without the dots. Also, this was way before I started doing clean up around my nails after painting them 😉

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