New manicure preparation

I’m going to leave the old one in this same category, just in case anyone likes that better. Anyhow, I changed my routine into something slightly more complicated, but hopefully it’ll help my nails grow even longer!

Just a note, my nails don’t look very nice in the pics. I’m a volunteer at a petting zoo, and farm work tends to be… less than healthy for your nails.

Step 1: Take off any old nail polish with small pieces of cotton. Drench them in polish remover and let them stick to your nails for a minute. Then you’ll be able to easily wipe them clean, without much scrubbing.

Step 2: File your nails into whatever shape you want them to be. Filing into one direction only, can prevent your nails from tearing at the tips. Also, it’s best to use a glass file, as they will seal the tips better.

Step 3:  If your nail beds aren’t smooth, you can use a buffer to carefully smooth them. I just use my glass file for that, it’s gentle enough. Don’t do this if it isn’t necessary though, otherwise your nails will get thinner.

Step 4: Use a cuticle remover. Simply follow the instructions on the bottle and  be careful when removing the cuticles. Don’t be too harsh, or you might damage them. Wash your hands well when you’re done, so you won’t get cuticle remover anywhere else but on your nails.

Step 5: Mix together a little bit of whitening toothpaste and lemon juice. I once saw this on youtube, and I feel like it really works for making my tips a bit whiter. Just brush your nails as if they were tooth. Then wash your hands.

Step 6: Mix hot water and oil (I use coconut oil) in a little container, and put your fingers in there for about 5 minutes. The oil will be good for both your nails and skin. Wash your hands again.

Step 7: Using a cotton and polish remover, de-grease your nails. This’ll help the nail polish stick better. Then add a base coat, and go on with your manicure.

So, those were the steps I take every week now, before doing a manicure. There are some other tips I want to share, though:

-Always use a nice thick top coat to protect your manicure.
-Moisturize your cuticles. Your nail’s health depends on them! I use Lemony Flutter, the cuticle cream by Lush, once per day. You could also use a hand moisturizer, hair conditioner or oil.
-When doing a mani, always wrap your tips. This means going over the edge of your nail with the brush, so the polish gets on and a bit under the tip too. It’ll help prevent chipping.
-Try to use latex gloves when you have to work with water. Getting your nails wet wil make them more soft and bendable, which can cause the polish to chip or crack more easily.

When I treat my nails like this, my manicure will keep pretty for about 4 or 5 days, and wearable with minimal damage for at least 7 days.

Good luck!

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  1. I agree with your tip about lemon juice, I’ve always love it! : )

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