Nail polish stash 3/13

I thought it might be fun to show you all my nail polish stash. It’s nowhere near as impressive as some people’s (yet), but they’re enough to make something new with every time I do my nails. Besides that, I love them all ❤ Even the ones that I don’t like 😛

So, sorted by brand, here they come. Underneath the pictures, the names are listed from left to right:

New York Color

-Rock Muse: A smoky topcoat with large and small silver glitters. Very pretty, and it does indeed give a smoky effect without covering the base color.
-Pier 17: Dark and shimmery blue.
-East Village: Sort of water-like. Very sheer.
-High Line Green: Very well pigmented green.
-Lexington Yellow: Looks sort of streaky in one coat, but covers in two.
-Park Ave: A slightly dull brown. Covers nicely in two coats.
-Backstreet Brown: Dark golden, and slightly sheer. You can make it seem brighter or darker depending on the polish underneath it.
-Fashion Ave Fuchsia: A metallic fuchsia pink/purple color. And surprisingly well-pigmented.
-Prospect Park Pink: Cute light pink with a very subtle silver shimmer.
-Prey of Grey: Pale and soft looking grey. One of my favorites, and it covers really well.

La Femme Beauty (these don’t have official names)

-Classic Silver Crackle: A silver crackle, works well.
-Black: Shiny and well-pigmented.
-Purple: Very sheer
-Pink: Also very sheer.
-Light Pink: Very sheer again.
-Pearl: And again, very sheer. Also, this one dried up in bubbled last time I used it, though that might be due to age. I don’t know how old the bottle is, actually.


-Stamp It! Black: Specifically meant for stamping plates (like the famous Konad ones). Works well.
-Stamp It! Silver: Same as above. I wouldn’t recommend using this one as a regual polish, as it dries up streaky when you do.
-Sparkling Waterlily: A very sheer white, with a pearl-like glow. And it has subtle turquoise flakes.
-Love’s Recipy: Bought this one as a base for my rune nail art. Off white/beige and with glassy flakes.
-Holo Topping Please topper: A purple holographic glitter topcoat.
-Cotton Candy: A nude. Very sheer, but unfortunately it looks like it scars when cracks form in your manicure. I’d recommend only using it for non-long lasting manicures.
-I’m The Boss: Dark grey with some small silver glitters.
-Night In Vegas topper: A flake topcoat. The regular green/orange.
-Icy Princess: Silver.
-Go Bold: Gold.
-Hello Holo topper: Holo glitters, they don’t cover the entire nail but work as actual glitters.
-Cookie Love: Brown with small golden glitters. It does make me think of cookie dough.
-Gold Fever: Golden glitters with some red glitters mingled in. Perfect for Christmas.
-Let’s Get Lost (old bottle type): Very bright aqua blue, has almost complete cover in one coat. Has a tendency to stain the nails.
-Choose Me! (old bottle type): Has the cutest name I’ve ever seen for a bottle of nail polish. It’s a green glitter.

Rimmel London

-Blue Vogue: My favorite. Very dark blue, very shiny. Also, it covers in one coat.
-Oyster Pink: Sheer and pearl-like. I think it looks pretty classic.
-Royal Blue: A multichrome. Despite the name, it’s either green or purple in most lights.
-Torrid: A shimmery brown-ish red. Makes me think of autumn.
-Rapid Ruby: Red. Covers in one coat, does stain the nails very easily.

Miss Sporty (these don’t have official names)

-Sparkly Orange: A shimmery neon orange.
-Purple: Creamy purple, covers almost perfectly in one coat.
-French Tip White: Very sheer, but very shiny.

Miss Helen (these don’t have official names, and the brand doesn’t exist anymore)

-Multichrome lilac/green/blue: Very sheer, and has small glitters.
-Pink-ish glitters: Simple glitters.

Claire’s (these don’t have official names)

-Purple with glitter: A glittery purple. Does smell like some kind of gasoline, so my bottle is probably too old.
-Long Holo Glitters: Rectangle shaped holo glitters.

SS (no official names either)

-Metallic pink: A metallic dark pink.
-Black Crackle: A black crackle. It doesn’t crackle anymore, though, after about a year. Now it just looks like matte black smears on the nail.

Etos (no official names)

-Bright pink: A very bright pink, very well-covering. It also lasts remarkably well, considering the fact that it’s a drugstore’s own brand.
-Purple glitter: Purple and some silver-like glitter. Very old bottle (5+ years), but still works.
-Large and small glitter: Same as above, but large and small pink-ish glitters.

Max Factor

-Red Carpet Glam: A bright coral red. Good covering.
-Candy Blue: Same as above, but creamy blue.
-Fantasy Fire: Very sheer purple with small red glitters. Pretty over a cream purple.
-Soft Toffee:  A well-covering toffee color.

Max Nails (no names)

-White: Covers in two layers.
-Nude: Very sheer, it barely gives more than a really pretty shine.

Single polishes

-Revlon, Grape Fizz: Purple glitter, very bright. Smells sweet and fruity when it dries, even underneath a top coat. I can still smell it after 6 days.
-Diamond Cosmetics, Celebration Red: Surprisingly well-covering, for such a color. It’s red-ish pink with a nice shimmer.
-Indigo Nail Polish, (no name): Warm silver, unfortunately it doesn’t dry smoothly. It keeps streaky, and doesn’t last long.
-Paris Memories, (no name): Very sheer glittery purple. Dries streaky.

Top and base coats

Some Essence, Rimmel, Max and Miss Sporty. And one Essence stiper, called More Than Silver, which I forgot in the Essence polish picture.

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3 Responses to Nail polish stash 3/13

  1. marijadebono says:

    Wow! That sure is a whole lot 😀 So jealous!

    You should try Seche Vite Topcoat – it is the best one ever I promise 🙂


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