Hard: Misty Blue nail art

Based on one of my favorite songs, Misty Blue by Blue Tears. Search it on youtube, it truly is a beautiful song. It’s about a female lighthouse keeper, who’s sailor husband/lover drowned at sea. Which inspired me to paint a lighthouse and a sinking ship in a storm on my nails.

It took 7 colors of nail polish and 5 colors of acrylic paint, but I think it was worth the effort.

In the picture above you can see the base color on its own. Pier 17 by New York Color. It covers almost perfectly in one coat, but I used two to get the color as deep as possible. On the thumb and ring finger nails I added a coat of NYC’s East Village, on the other nails I used some black crackle on the tips. A not-quite working black crackle, which gives a matte black effect, sort of like black smears. Perfect for this theme.

I then added lightning bolts using Stamp It! Silver and Go Bold, both by Essence. On the ring finger nail I made a smudge of gold (Go Bold again), for the light of the lighthouse.

On my thumb nail, I used acrylic paint to draw a sinking ship and waves.  And on my ring finger nail, I started out with some smudges of Park ave by NYC, to create a shoreline. Then I used acrylic paint to add detail and a lighthouse.

Added a top coat, and I’m done!

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