Simple: Grey nails

I broke a nail 😦 It was almost to the skin, so I had to drastically shorten all my other nails. Good thing that nail polish is also pretty on short nails, so I immediately re-polished them into a very simple nail art.

First, I painted the nails in one layer of NYC’s Prey of Grey (one of my favorites). Then, when it was dry, I put a piece of tape on the nail diagonally, and added a layer of Catrice’s Steel my Heart over that. Make sure that the base polish is really dried up and pull off the tape while the new layer of polish is still completely wet. Otherwise the tape will mess up de design.

The dots were made with a dotting tool and Essence’s Stamp me! Silver. On the thumbnail I added a black rhinestone, on the pointer finger and pinkie I added a larger silver dot with a smaller dot of the Catrice polish inside it.

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2 Responses to Simple: Grey nails

  1. hey this nice ,simple and neat 🙂

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