Swatches: China Glaze nail polish

Last Tuesday, I finally got my first China Glaze polishes! It was actually a Christmas gift set from last year, so it was at sale. Perfect chance to get 3 polishes at once. And the colors are perfectly usable for nail art in every season 😉

Of course I couldn’t wait to make pictures of the package. The colors are, from left to right, Merry Berry, Cranberry Splash and Glistening Snow. The polishes are, in that order, crème, shimmer and holo glitter. First  swatch picture is one layer, the second is two layers.

Merry Berry has a Bordeaux-red color and a crème finish. It applies like a dream, so smooth! It also dries very quickly, and covers almost in one layer!

Cranberry Splash has a deep red color and a finish somewhere between shimmer and metallic. It leans more towards shimmer, though. It’s about the same as Merry Berry in both application, drying time and covering. Only it does seem to dry slightly slower.

Glistening Snow is a holographic glitter polish, with really small glitter particles. It’s also very easy to apply, but unlike the others it has a slightly grainy finish. Pretty!

These polishes look just as awesome as I expected them to, and the application is super smooth and easy. Yes, they’re certainly more expensive than my other polishes, but they’re well worth their price!

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