Easy: Dark red nails with holo accent

This one was made with the China Glaze polishes which I swatched last Tuesday. Because I didn’t want to cover the colours up too much, I made a tape manicure with it.

First, I just polished all the nails, with the ring finger nail as accent nail. Then, after two or three hours, I put a piece of tape on each nail (apart from the accent nail). The nail polish has to be really dry before you can do this. If it’s only dry to the touch, the tape will drag the polish of your nails. After I put the tape on my nails, I added a second colour. Then I took the tape off immediately.

I also added a dot in Glistening Snow on each nail, to make them fit in with the accent nail. Though I’m still new to them, I really like tape manicures. The lines always get so neat, which I love!

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2 Responses to Easy: Dark red nails with holo accent

  1. Lacqueerisa says:

    Oughta love how simple twist changes and transform manicures into new ones! Also how simple additions creates splendid looks! Love this mani!

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