Swatch: CK? Nail polish

I bought these at a budget store, so I don’t know if they’re really from CK. But they look interesting anyway, and were very cheap, so I swatched them. The names of the polishes are ‘Blue wants to be a millionaire’ and ‘French tips’.

As expected, the blue holo polish is very sheer. It does dry smoothly, though, and the holo glitter is very visible. With two layers, it’s still sheer but a lot nicer.


The white polish isn’t very pretty in one layer, as you can see. It does dry fast. After adding a second layer it looks better, but it’s still a difficult polish to get to look perfect. Using a thick second layer helps to get the polish to look more even.

In short, they’re not anything special, but they are useful. The blue one is very pretty for spring and summer, and the white one can be used as a base for nail art. I’m happy with them, although I wouldn’t buy them for more than the €4 they were going for at the budget store.

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2 Responses to Swatch: CK? Nail polish

  1. Lacqueerisa says:

    OooOOoh! Love the holo sparkles in the blue polish! I suppose an opaque blue base would be great to have this blue holo top over it! 😀 Ah, white polishes are always so tricky! Yet a good one would be ever so essential.

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