Hard: Holo butterfly

I wanted something holographic on every nail this time, and I wanted to use striping tape. Also, I wanted to use the two CK polishes I swatched last Saturday. So I ended up with this 😉

I started with the base colors, and then waited a few hours until the polish was completely dry. Then I made a pattern with striping tape on every nail except the white one. For the purple holo layer, I used Holo topping please, by Essence.

On the accent nail I used both holo polishes to make the wings of a butterfly, and then added lines with dark grey acrylic paint. Then I added some caviar beads to make it look more interesting.

The part with the striping tape isn’t difficult, but to me the butterfly is. I still have to practice at painting figures on my nails, but at least it’s recognizable as a butterfly 😉

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2 Responses to Hard: Holo butterfly

  1. E.B says:

    Zo leuk 😀 kan je dat ook een keer bij mij doen?

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