Swatch: Essence Free hugs

A soft pastel pink, very cute and perfect for spring! Also, it’s very cheap 😉

The formula is as I expect from Essence. Quick drying, not too thin and not too thick, and shiny. The wide brush is also very nice.

It covers almost perfectly in one layer (first picture), but it’s prettiest with two (second picture). As you can see, the colour looks even and shiny. I like it! Both pictures were made with a basecoat, but without topcoat.

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4 Responses to Swatch: Essence Free hugs

  1. Lacqueerisa says:

    I love their improved bottles. Gotta love how good the wide brush spreads the polish on the nails! I’ve recently purchased a bottle from this collection and I’m so in love with the brush and the smooth application! Oh yes, and the lovely glossy finish too!! Good job, Essence!

    Back on topic, that’s one gorgeous pink shade! So sweet and lovely! Somehow pink and I have trouble being best friends, but I do love seeing how well others rock them! Love it on you! ♥

    • fairy666tale says:

      Thanks ^-^

      And indeed, their new bottles are way better than the old 🙂 The brush is way easier to work with, and there’s more polish in the bottle.

  2. E.B says:

    Die staat toevallig op m’n verlanglijstje met de nagellak die ik nog wil hebben
    Staat mooi 🙂

    Ps: je vind het toch niet erg dat ik in t Nederlands reageer he? Ik voel me daar wel s een soort van schuldig om omdat het een Engelstalig blog is. Engels is niet m’n sterkste punt, ik begrijp wel wat je schrijft maar ik kan niet zelf een heel verhaal terug schrijven hoogstens it looks pretty ofzo :p bij wijze van

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