Hard: Pastel and flowers

A spring time nail art this time 😉

After the basecoat, I started out with two layers of That’s what I mint!, and let them dry completely. Then I used a sponge to create the gradient effect with all 3 polishes. It’s probably better to use a make-up sponge, but I used a cleaning sponge. Which is why mine ended up with bubbles.

After that, I added a thin layer of topcoat, and a fimo flower and a leaf-shaped rhinestone on each nail. On the ring finger nails, I added 2 rhinestones instead of 1. And then I sponged some glittery green on the tips.

I finished them with a thick coat of topcoat. I think it looks very nice for spring, and more difficult than it actually is 🙂 If you don’t have fimo flowers (I got them from Ebay), you could also make the flowers with a dotting tool.

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2 Responses to Hard: Pastel and flowers

  1. E.B says:

    Echt schattig

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