NOTD: Mannequin nails with a twist

As it is supposed to be a new trend for summer, I wanted to try out mannequin nails. It’s very easy, the hardest part is searching for a polish that matches your skintone perfectly. As I wrote in the swatch post I did earlier this week, the one I used is a bit too dark in comparison to my hands. Still, I think it works 🙂

Because I (as usual) didn’t find it interesting enough, I added some dots and flowers.

I started with two layers of Misa, directly followed by some dots of the Essence polish on the accent nails. After all nails were dry, I tried to stamp a flower on each using a stamping plate by Essence. The regular Essence polish dries a bit too quickly for that, though, so it didn’t turn out as well as I hoped.

Then I finished all the nails with a layer of a mattifying topcoat, by Miss Sporty, which gives is the mannequin effect. The whole idea is that your nails are skin toned and matte, so your hands look like the ones of a mannequin doll.

Although I do like the look itself, I don’t think it suits me. I’m more of a bright colours type 😉

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