Swatch: Essence Upper Green Side

Yes, another Essence one. This one has the same formula as the others, thick but nice, and quick drying. Don’t try to paint your nails in the backyard in the sun, though. I tried and failed, the polishes turned into thick paint 😛 Should’ve known better… I tried again after putting the bottle in the refrigerator for a few minutes, after that it worked fine.

As with the others, the polish doesn’t cover completely in one layer (first picture below), but turns pretty with the second (second picture below). The only thing I dislike about this polish, is that the small blue flakies that are slightly visible in the bottle, don’t show up on the nails. However, I do like the shade of green, very grass-like and cute.

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2 Responses to Swatch: Essence Upper Green Side

  1. E.B says:

    Ziet er lekker fris uit

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