Failed nail art: Lava nagels

A failed nail art today… The idea was to have two different shades of red underneath a crackle polish, so it’d look a bit like lava. After adding the crackle, however, there wasn’t much left of the two toned effect.

Maybe I should’ve waited longer for the darker red to dry? Either way, I don’t particularly dislike this look, but it was a bit too much effort for just red with silver crackle 😉

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5 Responses to Failed nail art: Lava nagels

  1. marijadebono says:

    i would have tried with a black crackle instead if you have one… or a red crackle and black underneath

  2. helenhandbag says:

    Are you in Holland? I found some cheap black crackle at the Sephora closing sales, and it works fine for me 🙂 BTW I actually like your nails with just the black stripes!

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