NOTD: Golden French tips

I wanted to do something more neutral but yet classy for once, so I grabbed two Essence polishes and made French tips.

The first polish took two layers to become opaque. I choose this polish because of its small colourless flakes, which makes it shiny like some kind of pretty stone. The base colour is pale beige, and from up close it seems to have some very tiny golden shimmers. Due to all this, the polish looks remarkably warm for such a light colour.

For the tips, I used the second Essence polish. It’s a regular golden polish, not smooth enough to be a foil, but also too smooth to be a glitter. Very shiny, and pretty enough to stand out.

To make the French tips, I placed the brush horizontally on the nail tip, and then carefully turned my finger. That’s, in my opinion, the easiest way to do it. Well, using special shaped stickers is even easier, but that requires the time/patience to wait until the base polish has dried enough to use the stickers.

I actually like these nails, to my own surprise. I usually only do French tips when I need to repaint my nails, but don’t have time or inspiration to do something more challenging. But the colour combo of these, does give them something special 🙂

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One Response to NOTD: Golden French tips

  1. Lacqueerisa says:

    Yeap I agree! They are very classic, chic and fresh! Love the golds! Especially Essence Love’s Recipe! beautiful milky shade gold – with the gold shimmers! So pretty!

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