Swatch: Diamond cosmetics Racing Orange

This is my second Diamond cosmetics polish, and just like the other one (Celebration Red) it managed to surprise me!

The formula is pretty thin, but not too hard to work with. Try to use thin layers, otherwise it might get messy. It does dry a bit slow. And the colour… wow. I had expected it to be red-ish orange, but it’s more of a orange red. It doesn’t fully cover, even with two layers (not visible in pictures), but it’s just so shiny and vibrant! It almost looks like it’s glowing, so beautiful!

As always, the first picture has one layer, the second has two. This is one of those polishes that seem to cover perfectly on camera, but in real life there is a bit of the white of my nail tips visible. Not in annoying way, though. With this polish, it seems to enhance the charm.

In short, I love it! I don’t know how much it usually costs, I got mine for €1 at a sale.

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One Response to Swatch: Diamond cosmetics Racing Orange

  1. E.B says:

    Leuke kleur 😀

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