Hard: Romantic Blossom nails

Based on the blossom tree in my backyard (I have no idea what kind of blossom tree), and the fact that I wanted to use at least one of my three China Glaze polishes. Gotta admit it didn’t stay on my nails for long, though, I’ll explain later.

I started out with two layers of Merry Berry (which is a beautiful deep berry red), and then waited for that to dry. Then I used while acrylic paint to make some strokes on each nail (to represent the tree), and used the two Essence polishes and a dotting tool to make the flowers.

As usual, I didn’t find my original idea interesting enough, so I added a dot of China Glaze’s Glistening Snow as a heart on each of the flowers. The tree’s blossom doesn’t have that, obviously (although that would be awesome 😛 ), but I think it makes it look better.

The last picture (with the blossom tree) was made the day after the manicure, because there wasn’t enough sun earlier. Sadly, one of the nails was already damaged… And (as I usually do the nails a week or more before posting them), I can tell you that they didn’t survive farm work. Two days later, the tips of my nails were already without any polish. So I had to take it off, sadly.

Anyhow, despite the fact that this manicure took a lot more time than I’d usually spend, and it didn’t last nearly as long as I’d hoped, it was definitely worth it!

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