Nail art: 3D theme

This time, I did a nail art with lots of beads and rhinestones, and even some studs and a cute bow tie 🙂 I did these nails for this contest on I probably won’t get far, but it’s fun to be able to enter a competition once. I usually can’t, because most aren’t open internationally, and of course I’m stuck in Holland 😛

It thought of doing a rock music theme, but since I never have a real plan I just started with a vague idea. And it ended up like this.

I started out with two layers of the Essence polish, and then added dark parts with Ophelia. I just used the polish’s own brush for that. Then, with some thin top coat as glue, I marked the borders with multicoloured micro-beads. Then I added some studs and rhinestones to finish most of the nails.

On the ring finger nail, I painted a small skull with some black acrylic paint, and then used some top coat to glue a white plastic bow tie above that.

This isn’t a nail art that’ll be on your nails for a long time. Two days later, half of the 3D elements had already fallen off. But I liked doing these nails, and I love the effect of the studs and bow tie.

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