Review/swatches: HEMA holo vs. Color Club holo

I thought it’d be fun to compare two polishes in a post. I recently bought my first true holographic polish, a polish by Color Club. A Dutch store with its own cosmetics brand also released a collection of holo polishes a while ago, but a lot cheaper. Of course prices are different for every country, but I payed €3,75 for the cheap polish by HEMA and for the  Color Club polish I payed €10,95 (at

Well, I guess the bottles already show the difference in holo strength. Which is only logical of course, a cheap bottle won’t contain as much of the (no so cheap) powder that gives it the holo effect, as a more expensive one will.

For easy comparison, I made a list. I left out the points for price and availability, because that’s different per country:

Color Club, the bottle feels more sturdy than the HEMA one.
=, both are easy to work with.
=, the one by HEMA can be a bit streaky if you don’t work fast enough, but the one by Color Club is a bit thicker than I’d like.
=, neither one has a particularly strong or bad smell.
Drying time:
HEMA, although the difference is only a few seconds
Color Club, it’s almost fully covered in one layer, and perfect in two. The HEMA polish takes three coats to be fully covering.
Holo effect
 Color Club, that one truly shows the rainbow. The one by HEMA has a more subtle holo effect.

The First picture is one layer, the others are two. On the picture where I’m holding a bottle, there’s topcoat on the nails too. As you can see, the difference is clear. The ones with the rainbow are done with Color Club, the ones with holo sparkles are done with HEMA. The thumbnail has both polishes next to each other. All pictures were made by daylight and without flash.

I think it’s a matter of your own personal preference. If you’re looking for a cheap polish with a subtle and glittery holo effect, the HEMA one would be a good choice. If you’re looking for a strong holographic effect and don’t mind to pay a bit more, I’d recommend the Color Club polish.

Personally, I’d go for the Color Club one, because I love the strong holo effect. It truly shows a rainbow on every nail, both in daylight as in fake light. Beautiful! However, I also wouldn’t regret buying more of the cheap HEMA polishes, because they’re pretty in a whole different way. They do show their color nicely, with just a touch of holo sparkles.

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