Nail art: Diamonds

I recently found some cheap small bottles of glitter in a budget store, and I couldn’t resist buying a set. They had different shapes of glitter, I chose the diamond shaped ones. And of course, I couldn’t wait to use them.

Above, you can see the polishes I used. The white polish is by Calvin Klein (I didn’t realize the brand wasn’t visible until after taking the photo). The blue polish is one I bought like a week or two ago, swatches and a review will be online next Monday.

After the basecoat (I used Rimmel) I added two layers of the Color Club polish on each nail. Then I added a layer of the white polish on the ringfinger nail. The diamond shape outlines on the blue nails were made with acrylic paint and a small brush, and the glitters on the white nail are of course the ones I bought in the budget store. I finished these nails with a thick layer of Konad topcoat.

I have to admit these nails ended up looking better than I had thought they would. It was a bit difficult to get the glitters to sit the way I wanted them, I’ll have to practice at that. Also, these nails didn’t even cost that much time, I was done in about 15 minutes.

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