Swatch: Color Club Lumin-ICEcent

This one is my very first foil polish 😀 And it doesn’t disappoint at all, as you’ll be able to tell from the pictures below. But I’ll show you some pictures of the bottle first 😉

Now on to the polish itself, with some swatches! As usual, the first picture is one layer, the second is two layers. Basecoat, but no topcoat added. I tried to photograph it in the shade, but that didn’t work. This polish somehow manages to catch any available light in the room.

The formula is nice, pretty thin but easy to work with. The brush is standard, no complaints about it. The covering is simply amazing, it could be worn with only one coat. I added two to make the colour and foil effect even more intense. The only downside is, that it can look a bit streaky due to the colour and finish. It dries pretty fast, but it takes some time to harden out.

With one layer, it feels a bit gritty. With two, it’s completely smooth. I think this’ll be one of my favourites!

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2 Responses to Swatch: Color Club Lumin-ICEcent

  1. E.B says:

    Wat is een foil polish?

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