Nail art: Purple giraffe print

I thought it’d be fun to use my flocking powder again, and I like that best with animal prints. I’ve already done a leopard print with it (or at least attempted to 😉 ), so this time I did my favourite wild animal; the giraffe. The four plushies I used for inspiration are also pictured below 😉 .

After the basecoat, I started out with a layer of the purple polish on the ring finger nails, and the blue polish on the others. Then I added a second layer of purple to the ring fingers and dipped them in the container of flocking powder. Carefully dusted it off with a soft brush, and it’s done. On the other nails, I added another coat of blue.

Then I used a piece of sponge and the pink colour to add some pink in the middle of the other nails, to give it some extra detail. The pattern was made with the purple polish, and done nail by nail. Added the print, then immediately added the flocking powder.

In the end, I didn’t use the topcoat. But you could use it after applying the base colours, so the nail art will last longer. Don’t add it after the flocking powder, though. That doesn’t work.

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4 Responses to Nail art: Purple giraffe print

  1. Lacqueerisa says:

    Love the blue fluffs! What a great way to use flocking powder! 😀 There is no doubt, it looks so much like the giraffe plushies! 😀 Great job!

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