Nail art: Trains

Yesterday, I went to a railroad museum (the Dutch Spoorwegmuseum in Utrecht), so I thought it’d be fun if my nails would suit the occasion 🙂

I started out with a layer of green on every nail, and a second layer on my thumb nails. On the other nails, I made an ombre look with a fan brush and yellow, green and grey. Sun, land and railroad.

Then, on my left hand, I painted a piece of railway on my thumb nail. The other nails on the left hand got an old fashioned train on them. On the right hand, I wrote the word ‘trein’ (train in Dutch) and added some silver sparkles. On the leftover nails of that hand, I painted the logo of the Dutch railroads (NS).

This was quite difficult, because I really don’t have a steady hand. At all. But I think it turned out fine, multiple people were able to recognise a train in it 😉

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