Swatch: A-England Ophelia

This is my first polish by A-England, and I can tell you that I will be buying more polishes by this brand in the future! It was already used in my NOTD from last Monday.

It’s a deep black with small purple glitters. The formula is good, not too thick and not too thin. The brush spreads out easily, and the polish ends up smoothly on the nail. Also, it dries pretty quickly.

I did notice in doesn’t look completely smooth, probably due to  the glitters. It’s not bumpy or anything, it just seems to have a bit of a texture. It’s not obvious at all, though, and it does feel smooth.

As usual, the first picture has one layer, the second has two. As you can see, it covers the nail pretty nicely in one layer, but looks best in two layers. The glitter is only visible in direct sunlight or very bright lamplight. But when it is visible, it’s impossible not to look at it. I think it’s beautiful!

Also, this polish lasts pretty long on my nails. After making these pictures, I added some rhinestones and a topcoat I’m not really impressed by (it’s pretty much useless, doesn’t seem to do anything for the nail polish besides making it more shiny), just to see how the manicure would hold up. It lasted without chips for days!

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2 Responses to Swatch: A-England Ophelia

  1. Lacqueerisa says:

    Such a beauty! I’ve always love black hues with a hint of purples in them. I don’t know why, makes them more mysteriously interesting, I guess? =P Great swatch btw! A England has plenty of gorgeous shades! Pity I have yet to get some myself but been drooling over all the swatches around the blog-world!

    • fairy666tale says:

      They do seem pretty hard to get outside England. Took me weeks to find a website that sold them from the Netherlands. But that really does seem to be the only downside of the brand, all their polishes look beautiful 🙂

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