Nail art: Loki

Based on Loki, from the Avengers and Thor movies. I don’t think I ever did a nail art based on a movie character before, and I certainly didn’t ever do one with this many different polishes:

The idea was quite simple, each nail had its own theme, and so its own base colour. Then I added the drawings on each of the nails. Especially the thumb nail turned out to be rather difficult. It’s supposed to be the scene in which Loki and Thor are hanging from the edge of the Bifrost, but it didn’t really show up against the background, that I just gave them ‘colour codes’. Loki is green with golden sparkles, Thor is red with golden sparkles.


I think it turned out better looking than expected 🙂

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2 Responses to Nail art: Loki

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  2. glitterkat says:

    these are soo cute!

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