Nail polish collection, August 14, 2013

The last time I posted about my nail polish collection is a long time ago… way too long! A lot of pretty polishes has been added since then. Actually, after taking the photos for this article, I bought 3 new ones again. Essence is changing their collection again, so the ones that will be discontinued are for sale at the Kruidvat, and probably also at other stores that sell them 😀

Anyhow, I thought it’d be fun to also show how I keep my polishes and supplies. I keep everything in boxes. Both were bought at the Action (a very cheap budget store), the small silver one was around €3, the large grey fuzzy one was between €5 and €7. And the blue one in which I keep nail art supplies (at the end of the article) was bought as part of a make-up box at the Kijkshop, I think it was between €20 and €30. And I  also took this opportunity to sort everything out again.

This is what the two boxes used to look like:

All polishes on a pile:

And then… sorting them all! I’ve sorted them by brand, and I’ll put it behind either the brand or specific polish if there’s anything important to share. If you want more info, feel free to ask 🙂


-Let’s get lost
-Free hugs
-Modern romance
-That’s what I mint
-Absolutely blue
-Upper green side
-Hello holo (topper)
-Holo topping please (topper)
-Time for romance
-Gold fever
-Party princess
-Choose me
-We rock the green
-Cookie love
-I’m the boss
-Love’s recipy
-Spell bound <—magnetic polish
-Night in Vegas (topper)
-Sparkling waterlilly
-Cotton candy
-Chic reloaded
-Ice princess
-Go bold
-Stamp me! silver
-Stamp me! black
-More than silver (striper)

New York Color (NYC)

-Park ave
-Lexington yellow
-High line green
-Prey of grey <–my favorite ❤
-Prospect park pink
-Backstage brown
-Pier 17
-East village
-Fashion ave fuchsia
-Rock muse

La Femme Beauty


Rimmel London

-Blue vogue <—Another favorite ❤
-Rapid ruby
-Oyster pink
-Royal blue

Diamond Cosmetics

-Celebration red
-Racing orange

Max Factor

-Candy blue
-Red carpet glam
-Soft toffee
-Fantasy fire <—looks amazing over purple polishes


-010 <—no longer available
-900 <—no longer available


-Blue wants to be a millionaire
-French tips <—very streaky, not reccomended

Miss Sporty <—I love the shape of their bottles ^-^

-French white <—Sheer, and very pretty for nude nails, or over a layer of glitter!
-Check Matte <—Mattifying topcoat

Max Nails (Action) <—Also very cute bottles 😀

(No names) The white one is the best white I’ve ever tried, very smooth and nice!

Miss Helen (HEMA) <—Brand doesn’t exist anymore

-602 <—Another favorite, but since it’s not available anymore I don’t dare to use it. Don’t want the bottle to go empty…





Single polishes

-Revlon ‘Grape fizz’ <—smells like grapes, even through a layer of topcoat!
-Paris (edited)
-Catrice ‘Steel my heart’
-HEMA ‘Holographic pink’
-Indigo ‘133’ <—not good, very streaky

Above were my cheap/drugstore brand polishes. Below are my more expensive ones, and the ones that are difficult to get in the Netherlands. And below that are my base and topcoats and other stuff 🙂

China Glaze

-Cranberry splash
-Merry berry
-Glistening snow <—has a bit of structure, very beautiful!

Color Club

-Cloud nine

Single polishes

-A-England ‘Ophelia’
-OPI ‘I don’t give a Rotterdam!’
-Misa ‘Pretty’



Empty bottle, cuticle remover and another empty bottle

And this is what everything looks like now!

So… that’s my entire collection. It’s still less than a hundred polishes. Whether I’ll continue to buy more depends on how my nails will hold up when school starts again, and I’ll only be delivering mail for one morning per week. Right now, they look horrible.
Especially the right pointer finger nail looks bad, it constantly breaks when sorting through the mail (almost to the skin). I’ve even bought a false nail set by Essence, so I can protect my nail on that finger. I only use one false nail, and paint it the same as my other nails. Works perfectly, it doesn’t show much at all 🙂

Either way, I am still planning on buying more polishes by China Glaze and A-England, and I don’t doubt that I’ll also ‘accidentally’ buy more Essence polishes, as those are my favorite brands (together with Rimmel).
I won’t buy more OPI polishes, however. I was kinda dissapointed by the quality, or lack thereof. The brush wasn’t nicely cut, it had hairs sticking out at the tip (not loose hairs, they were actually attached to the brush). Also, the product itself wasn’t all that special when compared to much cheaper brands like Essence. It wasn’t bad, but for almost €15 (which is what they cost here in NL), I expect something better than the quality of a €2.30 polish.

Do you have any suggestions of what polishes I should try?

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5 Responses to Nail polish collection, August 14, 2013

  1. marijadebono says:

    I suggest you get a toothpick, and get some polish on it, and mark EVERY top of every nail polish. It makes life so much easier! I ordered mine by colour, from clear to nudes to corals, reds, purple… etc! 🙂

    Lovely collection you got there!

    marija from

    • fairy666tale says:

      That’s a good idea! The only ones who are easily recognizable right now are the ones by Essence, and that can be rather annoying when searching for one.

      • marijadebono says:

        Yes, i did that, and it solves a lot of problems, especailly when you are not sure which one to pick 🙂 Yes, the essence ones are very good cause it’s clear 🙂

  2. Lacqueerisa says:

    Whoa, I think you have a very lovely collection! Definitely drooling over Essence holo toppers you have there. hahahaha!! I have… I’m pretty sure it’s close to 200 if it hadn’t exceeded already, in mine. hahahahha!! I would recommend some korean brands, like Etude House or The Face Shop. Quality’s alright. Of course, provided they are very available in your area. Essence are some of my favourites too. It’s just really too bad the choices I have in my area are so few.

    • fairy666tale says:

      Etude House and The Face Shop aren’t available in stores here, but I could probably try to find them via Ebay. Here in NL, Essence is one of the easiest brands to get, and I’m pretty glad about that 🙂

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