Nail art: Grey and blue

Finally. Another nail art! Because I finally had some time to do one again 😉

The warm summer weather seems to be gone where I live, so this time I went for a more neutral look, using grey and blue. And some rhinestones. And due to the fact that neither of my two jobs are nail-friendly, it also had to be easy to make (so it won’t be too much of a waste if its not perfect anymore just one day later). I did finally use my favorite polish again, namely Prey of Grey 🙂

Two layers of Prey of Grey ❤

Added a layer of topcoat


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2 Responses to Nail art: Grey and blue

  1. Lacqueerisa says:

    How fast time flies! Love what you did on your index and ring finger! The glitter pieces goes perfectly well with this whole look 😀 Besides, these colour combo is perfect for fall season! 🙂

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