Nail art: Purple Party!

I couldn’t think of a better name for this nail art than this. It’s just a very party-like look. In purple 🙂

Last week’s Tuesday, I had to go the introduction day of the school I will be going to for the next four years. Now that I write this, that day is tomorrow… s

o you can probably imagine that I’m slightly nervous! Such things don’t disappear after highschool, unfortunately.

I’ve been to a new school (after highschool, I mean) two times already. Here in NL, we have many different levels of education. I went to a VMBO for highschool, so after that I went to an MBO. That has four levels, and I’ve finished the third and fourth of that in Animal management. Now, I’m moving on to the next level, which is HBO (I’m going to do an accountancy course). In English, the school calls itself a university of applied sciences, but in NL a university is an even higher level. I could go there only after I’ve earned a HBO diploma, for example. And if you’ve gone to a higher level of highschool (HAVO, VWO or gymnasium) you can go straight to a higher course after that (HBO after HAVO, university after VWO gymnasium).

Ahem… much talk about the Dutch educational system aside, I thought it’d be fun to start school with a fun and pretty nail art (gotta make a nice first impression, right 😉 ). So I wanted a pretty and obvious polish as a base, which ended up to be Color Club’s Cloud Nine.  And because I always love tape nail art, I used Essence’s Absolutely Blue over some tape after that. Then I added some more sparkly detail with Only Purple Matters, also by Essence.

One layer of Cloud Nine in the shade…

One layer of Cloud Nine in direct sunlight!

After taping, sponging and then removing the tape… Make sure the base layer is completely dry before starting on this!

Added some glitter. Used a sponge for the first pic, and a dotting tool for the second.

I used my favorite topcoat for the occasion 🙂

So, this was my last manicure made during Summer vacation 2013! Good luck to everyone who’s also starting a new school year!

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2 Responses to Nail art: Purple Party!

  1. Lacqueerisa says:

    ohhh many many congratulations and all the best in embarking a whole new chapter in life! 😀 Definitely a fitting eye-catching purple glittery goodness mani for a great start!! ^.^ I love the glittery gradient tips as well as the star burst nail art! Soo pretty and sparkly! And they also reminds me of little fireworks! 😀 ♥

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