Nail art: Silver stars

I haven’t done a stamp nail art for a long time (the polish always dried to quickly, or it simply didn’t transfer nicely onto the nail), but I’ve tried it again. And it turns out that the nail polish brand really can make the difference 🙂

Started out with two layers of Essence’s ‘Stuck on you’. A very nice dark blue-ish colour with tiny silver glitters in it.

As a base, I used Stuck on you, by Essence. Simply because it has the perfect colour for the effect I was trying to go for, it really reminds me of a clear night sky. And the tiny silver glitters could be seen as tiny, faraway stars, right?

Stamping set by Essence. The design I used is easily recognizable by the leftover nail polish on it 😛

I used Color Club’s LuminICEnt as a stamping polish.

LuminICEnt by Color Club turns out to be a great polish to do this with! It doesn’t dry too fast to get it from the stamping plate and onto your nails in time, and it has a perfect consistency for it too. Thin enough to make the design look nice, but it also has a very good covering.

Added some glitters and a rhinestone.

To make the whole design look just a little bit more interesting, I also added some glitters (Big Bazar) and a rhinestone (Ebay). Unfortunately, that did somewhat drag the attention away from the stars.

Added my favorite topcoat, the one by Konad.

Thanks for reading!

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4 Responses to Nail art: Silver stars

  1. rubygloommel says:

    That blue/grey colour is so pretty!

  2. Lacqueerisa says:

    Oh so pretty! Really love the stars at the tip! Hahaha, glitters wants more attention, eh? 😉 Still a pretty combo, although I prefer it without the glitters, maybe just the rhinestones. Essence Stuck on You is such a pretty colour by the way! 😀

    • fairy666tale says:

      Yeah, it did look better without, the stars seemed kinda… like background after I added the glitters :). I think I’ll try a stamp nail art again but then somehow add something to make it more complete while making the stamping more obvious. Maybe tiny glitters on the stamp itself or something alike.

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