NOTD: Denim nails

Pfew, just one more week and I’ll be done with all the tests at school. It did got me thinking if I shouldn’t choose a different course, as I don’t really care about the subjects that are actually part of the future job this course is supposed to be for.

I won’t go into the way-too-long explanation about the Dutch schooling system again, but let’s keep it at that I need to get enough points to get a certain paper from this level, and then I could go on studying what I really want to, at a higher level. That particular course isn’t available at this level, so that’s why I have to do this first.

Next wednesday I have an appointment with someone from school who’s there to help (future) students to pick the right course for them. So hopefully I’ll be able to switch to something that’ll be more useful for what I want to accomplish 🙂

But on to the nails; as I haven’t had much time to do my nails last week, here’s an older one. I did these denim nails a few weeks ago, when I’d just bought the Claire’s polish I used for them.

Claire’s Denim look nail polish

I had absolutely no idea what to expect from this nail polish, but it looked pretty nice in the bottle. It’s blue with tiny silver sparkles (I guess that’s supposed to be the white threads in denim jeans?).

As soon as it dried, I was amazed. The glitter seems way less glittery when the polish dries, and gives a pretty realistic denim look. Also, it’s a matte one, which also adds to the effect. The only thing that could’ve made this polish even better, was if they would’ve added some texture in it. I’m not sad they didn’t, though, as I think the smooth structure of the polish makes it a great base for nail art!

On the tips: NYC East Village

Using the sheer blue colour East Village by NYC, I made some messy French tips. Also, I added topcoat, studs and caviar beads.

Obviously, the topcoat undid the matte effect of the denim polish, but I think it still looks beautiful. The shine makes the glitter stand out more, and that gives the polish an almost 3D like look. A very surprising polish!

Thanks for reading! Also, what are your thoughts about the Denim polish by Claire’s?

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3 Responses to NOTD: Denim nails

  1. Lacqueerisa says:

    Mind blown! I love the colour, the effect and the name of this polish very much! The colours that was packed into this bottle really does resemble jeans – especially with the matte finish! But with your nail art and the top coat, you obviously only made it so much better and much much prettier! I have to agree with you, it certainly had a lot of depth once the glossy topcoat was on! And I think your accent nail is perfect for this mani! Simply perfect! 😀 But I love the polish with or without topcoat, its just amazing both ways! XD

    • fairy666tale says:

      I’m glad you liked the accent nail ^-^
      And indeed, it’s a very nice polish, definitely one of my favourites 🙂 Which is kinda surprising, as I usually don’t find Claire’s polishes all that special.

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