Nail art: French tips with red flowers

This week, I have a slightly more detailed look! A French tip nail art with red flowers. Inspired by the fact that I wanted to practice in making French tips, but also wanted to use my Christmas polishes by China Glaze 🙂

Used my favorite topcoat for this.

Well, there isn’t much to explain about this one. I used a cheap white nail polish by Max (the make-up brand from the budget store Action) to do the tips. I didn’t use a separate brush for that, just the brush that comes with the bottle. For the flowers, dots and swirls, I did use a small nail art brush.

The China Glaze polishes I used are Merry Berry (the flowers), Glistening Snow (the glitter) and Cranberry Splash (the swirls and most of the dots). All three of them are really nice polishes, Glistening Snow stands out most, though. It’s a holographic glitter with some texture, to imitate snow 😀 I’ve swatched these in the beginning of the year, which can be found here:

Thanks for reading!

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3 Responses to Nail art: French tips with red flowers

  1. Jewelyz says:

    Heel vrolijk en toch een beetje kerstig 😉 Leuk!

  2. Lacqueerisa says:

    So pretty and delicate! I’m loving how CG Glistening Snow steals the limelight everytime its used! XD

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