NOTD: Pink lace

I didn’t really feel like the colour suited the time of year, but I still kinda liked this look 🙂 I’ve been into French manicures lately, as I’ve noticed, and this time I went for a lace design. The most fun part of this NOTD? It’s way easier than it looks 😉

Nameless pink polish by Etos

I started out with two layers of a very sheer nude polish by Action, then used tape to polish only the tips of the nails in a pink colour by Etos. Always wait for the base polish to dry before using tape, otherwise you’ll be left with a rather sloppy job like this 😛

Added bows

I used the same pink polish for the bows, which I made using a small dotting tool. You could, of course, also use a brush for that. And don’t worry if they’re not completely smooth and even, real lace doesn’t look that perfect either 🙂

Sally Hansen ‘Crystal Beading’

To finish it off (and also because I wanted to try this polish), I added a layer of Sally Hansen’s  Crystal Beading. Which really is a very nice polish, it applies easily and it looks amazing in sunlight!

Essence ‘Party Princess’

Then I decided it wasn’t yet glittery enough, so I added some extra glitter to the pink parts only. For that, I used this pink toned glitter polish by Essence. It didn’t really stand out all that much, but it did make the tips somewhat more obvious.

China Glaze ‘Glistening Snow’

It still didn’t feel glittery enough, so I added some dots in Glistening Snow.


Favorite topcoat added…

…and finally done!

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