NOTD: Autumn dots

This Friday, I’ve got a NOTD for you instead of a nail art (as this one’s not that artistic in my opinion 😛 ) Whenever I have no inspiration for a manicure, the dotting tools come in. As was the case this time, I simply started with a nice autumn colour, then added some dots in fitting colours.

Rimmel ‘Torrid’

I used two layers of Torrid as a base, a red-brown metallic colour by Rimmel. I once found it at a budget store (Big Bazar) and although I didn’t particularly like the colour at first, it grew to be one of my favorite autumn colours!

Dots 🙂

Then I used some different sizes of dotting tools to add orange and yellow dots. Kinda inspired by the colours of leaves in autumn. And again in a sort of French tip -like fashion.

Somewhat blurry photo taken without camera flash 😛

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1 Response to NOTD: Autumn dots

  1. mynailpolishonline says:

    Such a gorgeous dotticure! I love the autumn colors!

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