Swatch: Essie ‘For the twill of it’

Essie… it was one of those brands I often read and heard about, and there were always plenty of shades I liked. I even stood in front of the store racks more than once, trying to decide whether or not to buy a bottle. But almost €10… aren’t there more than enough cheaper brands that also have pretty colours? Including my three favorite brands (Essence, China Glaze and Rimmel). Then again… the Essie polishes look so pretty, and they’re supposedly of very good quality too.

And then there was a sale at Or rather, I got €2 (or 2.50, don’t remember the exact number) off of an article of choise, due to being a regular costumer. Okay, that sounds like the perfect opportunity to finally try this brand. ‘For the twill of it’ immediately caught my attention, a perfect shade for autumn, and also a duochrome! Despite some problems they had in obtaining the polish from their supplier (in the end, I heard they got it from a different one), the polish eventually got delivered. And I tried it out as soon as I could 🙂

Essie ‘For the twill of it’, two layers

About the formula; wow. As apposed to my first OPI polish, which I found to be rather disappointing (though I will try another polish of theirs, hopefully I just had a faulty bottle or something), I instantly loved the Essie polish. ‘For the twill of it’ covers perfectly in two layers, and applies very easily. No thicker parts, no bubbles, it just seems to slide in place almost by itself.

The brush is also very nice, I can easily paint my entire nail in three strokes (four if you count in wrapping the tip). Cleanup was barely needed. Also, the polish dries very quickly, so that means less time for me to bump into something and ruin my nails 😉

In natuurlijk licht

In shadows

In camera flash

Then on the colour. I’ve got no complaints about that either (besides maybe the fact that it’s a limited edition, and won’t be available for very long 😉 ). The colour in medium lighting is a sort of grey-ish green. A very natural shade of green. In the shadows, the polish is almost black. And in bright lighting, it’s a shiny glittery purple. Not the most unusual colour combination for a duochrome, but very pretty nonetheless! Moreover, the polish has a certain misty quality over it, a metallic grey haze. And that does make it look more unusual, I think it really gives this polish something special.

Did you ever try out a Essie nail polish? What’s your opinion of them?

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7 Responses to Swatch: Essie ‘For the twill of it’

  1. mintymilky says:

    I’ve only tried two essie nail polishes so far and thought they’re really longlasting. However, one of them doesn’t cover quite well 😦 I guess it depends on the colour you purchase.

  2. Jewelyz says:

    Wauw heel mooi lakje! Echt een typisch winterse kleur zo.
    Zelf heb ik al aardig wat Essie lakjes in mijn stash en ben er heel erg tevreden mee, erg goede kwaliteit!

  3. I adore the green tint!

  4. Leanna says:

    Love your pictures of this polish! You really captured the duochrome so well. It looks great on you!

  5. actionbeaute says:

    It’s a very beautiful color !

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