Swatches/review: China Glaze It’s in the stars

Today, I’ve got something better than a review of just one polish, namely a review of a set of polishes! The ‘It’s in the stars’ set by China Glaze. It should be a easy way to get the right polishes for a Galaxy nail art, and it also contains 10 small sponges. I likes the idea, and I love China Glaze polishes, so I decided to buy a set and try it out 🙂

The packaging looks nice, and the sponges are hidden above the caps of the bottles. There’s also an explanation on how to use this set to make Galaxy nails. Since I really wanted to compare it to the ‘original’ galaxy design, I used both China Glaze’s method, and the original method. But first, I swatched all three of the polishes.

Two layers, no topcoat

One layer of Fairy Dust over the other polishes

All four of them applied easily and barely required any clean up. Liquid leather covers almost perfectly in one layer, a very nice black polish. Sexy in the city and Reggae to riches are somewhat sheer, but do both have a beautiful shiny finish. Fairy Dust is very special, a very fine holographic glitter in a clear base. I really love it, although I must say it has a rather strong smell compared to the other three.

Then on to the galaxy nails:

In camera flash

In natural light

Close up

Well, to each his own I suppose, but I personally don’t really like the China Glaze version as much as I like the original. That’s mostly because the blue and pink are rather sheer, so the effect doesn’t stand out all that much. When done the original way, with a white polish underneath it, I like it a lot better,

Still, I do like this set. The polishes by themselves are very pretty, and Fairy Dust does give the galaxy look something extra special. Also, the sponges that come with it work really well, way better than the kitchen sponges I usually use.

So in conclusion; I do like this set a lot, but not specifically for making galaxy nails. If you don’t yet own the colours, it’s definitely a nice way to buy them, and also getting nail art sponges along with them. But if you’re only interested in one or two of the polishes, I’d rather just buy them separately.

Which version of the galaxy nails do you like best, the original one or the one by China Glaze?

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