NOTD: Silver snow

I didn’t have much time to do my nails this week (deciding on what to study, selling old books via internet, going out to lunch with friends…). And because I work in the evenings during weekdays, it wouldn’t be very useful to go polish my nails in the late afternoon 😛

So this week’s NOTD is rather simple. I wanted to do something inspired by the weather, but then the weather wasn’t all that interesting. Cold, but nothing else. So I just imagined the snow for the sake of these nails 😉

As I said, it’s a very simple one (even for my standards). Just a grey base with a sloppy French tip in silver, and then some holographic glitter over the silver tips. All three of the polishes are by Essence.

Hopefully I’ll have a longer post next week, I’m planning on doing a proper nail art sometime soon!

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4 Responses to NOTD: Silver snow

  1. Jewelyz says:

    Toch ook heel winters hoor! Leuk 🙂

  2. The snow looks cool on your nails 🙂

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