Nail art: Holidays/Christmas 2013!

In this week before Christmas, I just had to post a holiday nail art! I wanted to do different designs, so I chose 5 things I associate with Christmas. Nice as a whole, but it’d also be pretty to just have the same design on each nail. Or one nail as an accent nail. More than enough possibilities 🙂 I think I’ll go with the design on the pinkie finger for all my nails at Christmas, just because that’ll suit best with the rest of my outfit.

2 layers of base colour, and designs in acrylic paint

On each nail, I started out with a layer of base coat, and then two layers of colour. The silver, gold and green colours are by Essence, while the red and black ones are by China Glaze. Then I used a thin nail art brush and painted a different design on each nail.

One important advice; make sure to use two layers of each acrylic colour (including black outlines). Just wait for a bit until the first layer has dried, which doesn’t take long with acrylic paint, then paint over the design again. That way, the painting will look nice and even, without obvious see-through spots.

There’s also an easy cheat when doing a design with a black outline, which I used on the ice crystal first. Simply paint the black ‘shadow’ first, and then fill it in with the colour you actually want it to be. When that’s done, possible paint going too far over the black outline can be easily fixed using some more black paint.

By the way, I did have to think for a bit about what exactly I wanted to paint. First, I thought about doing a complete Christmas tree on one nail. Then it occurred to me that it’d be nicer (and easier) to do some recognizable simple designs on each nail. Ornaments with a garland in the background, a candy cane, Christmas lights (which are always tangled up 😛 ). And then some regular winter stuff, an ice crystal and stars.

Doing things that make you think of Christmas is the most fun, other options could be gingerbread cookies, or candles. Or it could be a different thing on all 10 nails, so choosing which designs to do won’t be as difficult 😉

Extra detail and topcoat added

After doing the acrylic paint, I gave the ring finger design some colour with sheer coloured polish, coloured the stars with golden polish and added some holo glitter on the ice crystal. And as an extra detail, I added an icy blue rhinestone in the center of the crystal. That made it looking complete look, I think. Besides, glitter is always fun for a festive look! Then I finished the nails with my favorite top coat, to protect the design.

Are you going to a special nail art for the holidays?

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  1. The green one is my fav!

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