Swatches: A-England Briarwood, Briar Rose and Avalon

A while ago, I entered a giveaway by , and won! That was actually the first time I ever won, and I got a gift card to spend at , where they have a lot of different nail polish brands. Amongst those, is A-England…

At first, I thought ‘maybe I should try out different brands’. But the love for A-England won. They always look so beautiful on other people’s photos, and the only A-England polish I already had (namely Ophelia) is one of my  favorites! So I orderen 3 A-England polishes. I simply couldn’t choose between them 😛

I also really like the bottles. They’re simple but chic, with the A-England logo on them in gold. The first colour in all the photos is Briarwood and the second is Briar Rose, which are both part of the Burne-Jones Dream collection. Both have a strong colour with holo shimmers. The third one is called Avalon, and is part of the The Mythicals collection. This one is deep purple with blue-ish shimmers.

Natural light

Of course I couldn’t choose which one to use for a nail art first, so that’s how this swatch post came to be 😉 In the photo above, you can see one layer of (again in that order) Briarwood, Briar Rose, and Avalon. Especially that first one covers really well in one layer, but Avalon clearly needs more.

By the way, I didn’t do any cleanup. The brush is long and wide enough to apply the polish neatly. And the polishes themselves are thick enough to stay where I want them to, but thin enough to be easy to work with.

Natural light

Camera flash

Above, you can see the polishes in two layers. Perfect! This way, they cover nicely and the colours really look their best. Unfortunately, it was already getting dark out, which didn’t do much good to the photo’s in natural light. But a good thing about using the camera’s flash, is that it does bring out the shimmers!

The holo shimmers do give Briarwood and Briar Rose something extra special. Briarwood almost looks like fire, with its dark red undertones. Briar Rose seems more feminine, but still stands out. Avalon is way different, the blue-ish shimmers in this polish almost make it look like it glows. Very pretty in my opinion.

Below, you can see the polishes again, along with their bottles:

Briarwood – A-England: Burne-Jones Dream collectie

Briar Rose – A-England: Burne-Jones Dream collectie

Avalon – A-England: The Mythicals collectie

The polishes cost around €9.95 , so they’re not very cheap. They are, however, by an indie brand (so they’re not produced on a really large scale by a huge company), and those kind of polishes usually aren’t cheap. The colour are something you won’t easily find elsewhere. Most importantly, A-England’s quality is definitely comparable to salon brands, they’re certainly not any less.

So, this already was one of my 3 favorite nail polish brands ever since the first polish I got from this brand. And the ones I bought this time only confirmed the fact that I love this brand. They are (at least here in the NL) only available through the internet. Two of the websites that sell A-England polishes are (where I ordered these 3, they’re in the US). and (where I bought my first A-England polish, they’re here in the NL).

With Essence Gel-look topcoat

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2 Responses to Swatches: A-England Briarwood, Briar Rose and Avalon

  1. Craftynail says:

    gorgeous! someday I will try this brand!

  2. beautyfiends says:

    Awesome choices! Avalon is so pretty!

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