Nail art: Pink with flowers (or something alike)

This nail art was created because of the simple fact that I wanted to use Briar Rose by A-England. It seemed suitable to make flower-themed nails. Well, it didn’t really turned out looking like flowers, but I do like what it became 🙂

A-England: Briar Rose

I started out with two layers of Briar Rose, which is actually also very pretty to wear on its own. But it had to become a nail art, not a swatch post, so I went on 😉

Essence: Free Hugs

To make the background more interesting, I added some regular pink to the tips, using a sponge and Essence’s Free Hugs. A very pretty pink creme polish, which covers nicely. Also, it always makes me think of spring, ’cause that was when I bought this bottle 🙂

And then the flowers… The idea was to only have some of the petals visible on the tips of the naisl. I don’t know if anyone would actually recognize these as flower petals, if they weren’t informed beforehand that that’s what they’re supposed to be. But I do like how it looks. To give another hint that it’s a nature-theme, I added some green stripes. If nothing else, it at least gives some extra colour.

I kept it easier on my right hand; simply made a pattern of red and white stripes and some green dots. Al paintwork was sone with acrylic paint and a nail art brush.

Left hand

Right hand

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