Nail art: Camouflage nails

Since there’ll be a lot of new things in Essence’s collection this year, a lot is also being discontinued. Which means its now for sale and even cheaper than usual! One of those things is the nail polish Olive Oliviero, a sort of dirty green colour. Pretty isn’t a word I’d use to describe it, but it was cheap and any polish can look nice in a nail art πŸ™‚

Essence – Olive Oliviero

So, this is it in two layers. One single layer gave a surprisingly nice coverage too though, so I don’t have any complaints about the quality. As usual when I use an Essence nail polish, I didn’t need to do a cleanup. The wide and rounded brush makes the product easy to apply, and the formula is neither too think nor too thin.

The colour… Well, I have to admit it is something unusual. It makes me thing of nature. And goose poop. But let’s keep it at nature πŸ˜‰ Either way, I wanted to do a nail art with this, and a camouflage print was the first thing I thought of.

Bottle: Misa – Pretty

I kept the accent nail rather simple, doing an ombre look with Essence’s Olive Oliviero and Misa’s Pretty. Using a sponge, I applied two layers so Pretty would be well visible. Then, still using Pretty, I made spots on the other nails with a large dotting tool.

Bottle: NYC – High Line Green

It’s important to use a nail polish that covers well for the spots, so I used High Line Green by NYC as the second colour. And I used the same dotting tool for that. Don’t think too much about where to put the spots, or what shape they should be. It looks the best when they’re completely random. To make it look more detailed, I added some smaller spots of Essence’s Olive Oliviero with a tiny dotting tool.

Bottle: Essence – Gel look topcoat

Tot slot een donkergroene rhinestone op de accentnagel en een laag topcoat; en klaar!

Eindelijk weer eens een nail art die precies is geworden zoals ik wilde, dat gebeurt niet vaak πŸ˜› Overigens is deze wel echt heel makkelijk, juist omdat het niet netjes hoeft te zijn. En het ziet er een stuk ingewikkelder uit als dat het is πŸ™‚

To finish it off, I added a dark green rhinestone to the accent nail, and then a layer of topcoat on all nails. And then it’s done!

Finally, a nail art that actually turned out the way I planned it, which doesn’t happen often πŸ˜› However, this is a really easy one because it doesn’t have to be neat. And it looks a lot more time-consuming than it actually is πŸ™‚

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3 Responses to Nail art: Camouflage nails

  1. Craftynail says:

    Looks really cool!

  2. Camo : D Looks cool!

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